About Us

We are a Socially Responsible Company since 2016, because we assume the voluntary commitment to implement friendly policies, programs and actions that positively and sustainably affect the development of our country.


Our future


Be a reference of customer transformation and talent development.


Our Principles


Soy lo que hago


We reflect our honesty in the decisions we make, by being congruent between what we think, say and do.






We remain united as we know that working as a team we will build a better future.




Reconozco para aceptar


We start from our self-knowledge to respect the abilities and ideas of others, considering that we still have a lot to discover.




Ideas con pasión


We seek to innovate constantly in the ways of doing our work because we love what we do.




Aprendo y me adapto


We have the flexibility to face new challenges in different circumstances, always with an ethical and positive attitude, considering the professional and personal growth that it implies.




Sumo y me transformo


We are aware of the impact our actions have on society, so we help to improve the world with enthusiasm.









Being a Nubstar means to belong to our Nubaj family, to live the culture and to represent it with pride.


Empático He/She is empathetic and humble and inspires and impels others.
Trabajo en Equipo He/She is close, loyal and enjoys working with others to build a common goal.
Accesible He/She is accessible and is willing to learn from different situations and people with a positive attitude.
Ética He/She is a determined and congruent agent of change; always attached to its ethics and principles.
Visionario He/She is a visionary, capable of innovating with passion and energy.
Bienestar He/She generates well-being and leaves a mark on its environment.


Great Place to Work


  • 18? Place

    18? Place

    TI & Telcom Ranking

  • 45? Place

    45? Place

    in Mexico

  • 23? Place

    23? Place

    Millennial Generation


 Knowledge & Change

En Nubaj estamos convencido que la fortaleza de la empresa es su talento, por eso tenemos diferentes proyectos enfocados en potencias sus habilidades y seguir cultivando su conocimiento y experiencia



Universidad Nubaj

Nubaj University Online

Virtual training site for our collaborators with access to thousands of technical courses and softskills available 24/7.


Escuela de Liderazgo

School of Leadership

We build a unique Nubaj Leadership model for our leaders that we transmit in each generation through a curricular validity diploma.


English Training

English Training

We offer support to the development of our collaborators through a learning program in alliance with experts in the field.





We seek to create learning networks to encourage networking and knowledge sharing among collaborators so we train our experts in instructional skills.



Nubaj Experts

Project aimed at providing advice, support and opportunities to collaborators to validate their level of mastery over certain areas, endorsed by leading institutions worldwide.