Social Responsability

What makes Nubaj a Socially Responsible Company (SRC)?


Social Responsability


We are a socially responsible company  since 2016. We assume the voluntary commitment to implement friendly policies, programs and actions that positively and sustainably affect the development of the country, our team work, the people, the environment and the communities where we operate.

Empresa Socialmente Responsable






 empresa responsable

We promote the active participation and care of each of our collaborators.


  • We attract, develop and retain human talent, within a framework of respectful and equitable work relationships that generate an environment of trust and integral development.
  • Business Ethics: We promote ethical behavior among our employees.We have an ethics code and committe
  • Health: Through our campaign "Cuídate, quiérete, ámate" we promote the prevention and timely detection of different types of cancer through informative talks and clinical studies
  • At our facilities we constantly generate a culture of social responsibility inside and outside the organization.




Cuidado del Medio ambiente

We promote the preservation and care of the environment.


We have accomplished with the environmental regulations that are applicable to us, mainly in terms of control and registration of wastewater, emissions to the atmosphere, as well as for the management and final disposal of solid waste

In the area of impressions we have the option of using recycled sheets. 30 kilos of paper were donated by hand with Recupera Centros de Reciclaje  to prevent the felling of trees and preserve the forests

Through our "Nubaj Verde" campaign, we raise awareness and inform our collaborators about the importance of adopting eco-friendly postures inside and outside the facilities

We plant more than 25,000 trees with collaboration of Naturalia A.C.

We help to release more than 150 sea turtles in the state of Veracruz with the Fundación Yepez




Vinculación con la comunidad


Fundación Hogares: We managed to restore a public space to turn it into an incredible pocket park.

Asilo Arturo Mundet: We implement different monthly activities in the asylum, sharing time and fun with them

Fundación Mexicana del Pie Equinovaro: In order to raise awareness about this condition, we carry out games and breakfasts in our facilities with children and families who suffer from this problem. We also support them in the creation of a digital platform that allows them to be more efficient in the activities of the organization

CEITEA: Each month students come to visit and delight us with their pastry products; all proceeds are donated for the purchase of a sealing machine and utensils that facilitate their production processes.

FUNFAI: We donated 12 computers for the use of 33 children, whose mothers are in a situation of social readaptation. Each month implement our program of recreational activities




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